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Should you enroll land in CRP?

Highest and best use is an appraisal term defined as the reasonably probable and legal use of land that is physically possible, appropriately supported, financially feasible and results in the highest value.   For most Midwest farmland the highest and best use is simple: the production of agricultural products, mainly corn and soybeans.  But what about the more marginal land such as floodplain land, poor soils and/or timber and pasture?  The answer is not as easy.

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Does adding tile add value to farmland?

There are plenty of benefits to adding drainage tile to farmland.   Better yields, more timely field work, and higher land values are the most well-known benefits.   It is easy to prove higher yields using yield maps and scale tickets and more timely field work should be noticeable to the farm operator.   However, proving the increase in value can be more difficult. 

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